The ensemble Solnegre

Solnegre works on the European musical repertoire of the XVI and XVII centuries with speciall attention to that of the catalan regions.


The inclussion of comments about the social and cultural context of the pieces is a distinctive characteristic of their concerts. By doing that they yearn to get close to a double goal: first, that the concert becomes an experience that goes beyond entertaniment to be something more significant and educative; and second, pointing to those contextual aspects and relating them with the music of the programme, they want to give tools to the audience to help them focus their attention in musical elements.


This pedagogic intention has spurred Solnegre to think of new ways of presenting music to the public rethinking some aspects of the classical concert format.




The Brondo's songbook

A family music book tells us how different generations of the same genealogy related with music.



Kapsberger's villanelle

At the palaces of the most wealthy families of northern Italy there was a special fondness for folk and peasant tunes. Kapsberger wrote up to four volumes of this kind of songs.



Literary characters such as Mary Stuard, Euridice, Aeneas or Mary Magdalene tell us their story made music in the 17th century.




25.09.20 Mirando il cielo - L'Amistat, Premià de Mar
09.10.20 El cançoner de la família Brondo - Can Balaguer, Palma.